What does the ticket status mean?

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After submitting a ticket, there will be a status associated with your ticket. Click on the “My Activities” link under your login name. Here you will find your ticket showing either “New, Pending, Open, On-Hold, Solved or Closed.” See below for an explanation of these statuses!



  • You have submitted your ticket successfully!
  • However, an agent has not seen nor started working on the ticket yet.
    • Don’t worry, we answer every ticket and yours will be answered shortly!


  • An agent has responded, and we’re awaiting your reply!
    • Try to respond as soon as you can. If we don’t receive a response within three days, your ticket becomes automatically set to solved. We don’t want that if it isn’t! Don’t leave us hanging!
      • You can reopen a “solved” ticket within two days of the ticket becoming set to “solved,” otherwise your ticket will be set to “Closed” after that time period.


  • Thanks for the response! You replied to our question and are now awaiting a response from us.
    • We try our best to respond to tickets as soon as we can, and as you can imagine there are plenty of tickets! Thank you for your patience and understanding!


  • We need a little bit more time with this ticket! We want to get back to you as soon as we can, but with the proper response! We want to get it right the first time.
    • If it’s been a little while and we still haven’t responded, feel free to give us a nudge by responding to the ticket and we’ll update you on the status of your ticket!


  • Your ticket was marked as solved because we believe the issue you reported is now solved! Yey! Or it’s been three days since we’ve last heard from you :(. Boo.
    • If your issue hasn't been resolved, you can respond to the ticket and “Opening” it again. We'll try our best to answer any additional questions and attempt to solve anything we may have missed!
    • If you don't respond within 48 hours after it's been set to solved, it will automatically close.
      • You may receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey after the ticket closes! More on that below!


  • If we resolved the ticket and all issues within it, the ticket will close! Was your issue resolved? Do you still need assistance?
    • My issue wasn’t resolved!
      • You will be able to select “Create a Follow Up” at the bottom of the ticket. Our system will create a new ticket, and link us to your old ticket.
        • This way we can see what wasn’t resolved in the previous ticket, and see how it may relate to your current ticket!
    • My issue was resolved!
      • We did it, we beat the issue. WE BEAT THE ISSUE! Or we gave an acceptable alternative! Woo!
      • You may receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey email. See below!



"Oh look! Snail Games USA sent me a survey! They must really care about what I think (we do). It must be really important to them (it is) to send a follow up email even after they helped me! The least I could do is give them some feedback. (thank you)" It is something you can ignore, or you can help us help you even better!


Good Surveys

  • Thanks for giving us a good survey. This will let Snail Games USA Customer Support know how well we’re are doing at providing our fellow gamers, customer service! We will strive to uphold these standards and continue to offer the best customer service we can!
  • You can leave comments on the surveys too! These are available to the Customer Support managers as well as the support representative that was assisting you.
    • We LOVE to read nice comments. It motivates us to see that we’re doing a good job! Thanks for the internet pat on the back!


Bad Surveys

  • Oh no! We weren't able to give you the service you expected. We're really sorry about that.
    • If you leave a comment on why you felt the service wasn't up to par, Customer Support management reads them and we figure out what we could have done differently and we'll try to make it right.
  • "Wait....so my ticket may get reopened and responded to differently?"
    • That can happen. If we feel there was more we could have done to resolve your issue, you bet your giganotosaurus (sorry) we'll open it back up and try to resolve your issue.
  • "Whoa! Snail Games USA Customer Support is really cares! I want to change my rating from bad to good, can I do that?"
    • Aw! Thanks! We're glad we could make your experience in contacting us a positive one. You can change the rating by going to your ticket, under activities, and selecting a good rating!


Hopefully, this article was able to inform you about our new ticket system, how it works and how important both good and bad surveys are!

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